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The is one of the best service providers in UK when it comes to efficiency and reliability. It provides UK train booking facility along with any enquiry related to your travel, making reservations, making different purchase related to travelling etc. The payment method for the different bookings and purchases made from this site is quite simple. One has to simply confirm that one is above 18 years of age and one gets the authority to make online payments. The booking service of Trainline provides a whole lot of information which includes the different train fares, the various train timings etc. One gets the advantage of specifying ones date and time of travel and the list of favorable trains available on that date and time get displayed.

One may need to pay some extra amount over and above the normal ticket charges if one avails the services of advance booking at Trainline UK. Though this extra fee will be quite manageable and less but it will ensure better service. The extra amount is basically charged by the different train companies operating. These companies want their customers to pay some minimal amount if they want to avail the advance booking facility. Also advance booking involves certain extra taxes and charges.

The tickets sold by the Trainline purely on the basis of availability. One can easily buy those tickets which are available. One needs to do advance booking quite early if he or she wants a confirmed ticket. The website is very careful regarding all the detail listing provided. One can rest assure that all the train timings and the train fares are up to date and accurate. The website maintenance team of works quite hard to maintain the most recent and updated version of fares and trains available. However the team does not guarantee that all the furnished information is perfectly correct. In case one finds any error, the team will be very obliged to welcome any sort of suggestion. This is because they firmly believe in perfection and accuracy. Trainline UK also provides a very efficient and reliable method of refunding facility to its customers in case of ticket cancellation. One can rest assure that one's money will definitely be refunded in such a situation.

Customers can easily avail the benefits of online booking at Trainline, but generally most of the customers complain that the ticket do not get delivered to them. This is mainly because the user tends to give a wrong email address during the booking process at Trainline. So users need to be careful while entering the ticket dispatch address or email address. Every customer must be very specific while mentioning the address. This enables the website to provide easy and faster services. However in spite of all the hard work and good efforts, the website is not responsible for any guarantee related to the delivery time.

Trainline requests all its customers to be very specific and detailed when it comes to specifying the postal address. This ensures that the tickets get delivered to the correct destination and within time. Also the customers need to sign once they receive their tickets at their postal address. For several bookings Trainline provides its users the facility to collect their tickets at the station itself. If you are travelling carrying an e-ticket, you should make sure that he is carrying an identity proof with himself while starting for the journey. It is important to note that the tickets are not transferable.

For some bookings tickets can be delivered to the customer's smart card. But the user must ensure that he enters the correct and valid smart card reference number. Also the user must make it a point to carry the smart along with him while travelling. The customers must be aware of the different restrictions imposed by different train operating companies on the usage of smart cards.

The criteria and extent of refunding varies among the different train operating companies. So you must carefully read the information and instructions at before booking. Although the website takes full responsibility of refunding, but the extent and the amount is dependent on the train operating company. One can also edit the previously entered date and time of booking but one should be aware that the stations of travel chosen earlier cannot be changed or amended. So overall one can enjoy all the benefits, but one needs to be aware of the restrictions.

In an all Trainline provides an easy and cheap way to book UK rail tickets online without any hassle.