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Monarch Charter Airlines

Monarch Airlines is popularly known without its suffix and simply Monarch is mostly used for trading purpose. This airline has many things to vaunt of and the primary among them is the fact that it is rated as one of UK's largest airlines. It is the sole British charter plane that is also a scheduled airline having its base in one of the busiest airports of United Kingdom, the London Luton Airport. The primary focus of this airline is to cater to the needs of those tourists who travel to leisure destinations. Apart from some of the Mediterranean destinations like Greece, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt this airline also offers its exemplary service to some well known places including India. The other major leisure destinations include United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.

The Headquarter of Monarch lies in Luton Airport which also serves as its primary base. Apart from this primary base, this airline also has some operational bases situated in Birmingham, Manchester and Gatwick. Manchester prides itself on being the largest base of this airline in terms of scheduled operation while Gatwick vaunts of being the largest base in terms of charter operation. Another charter base of this airline is also located at Dublin. The most important and noticeable feature of this airline is that among the oldest UK airlines this is the sole one that has not incorporated any changes in its original name.

The vastness and popularity of Monarch can well be estimated from the fact that it has a total count of employees approximately 2070 which is an astounding figure. There are very few airlines having such large number of employees and this truly reflects the kind of service that one can expect in this renowned airline. You would get such exemplary service that is matched to perfection in terms of every feature. Travelling in such an airline does truly ensure comfort and luxury and this is the sole reason that this airline is a very sought after one. This is also one of the few airlines that can vaunt of an amazing figure of 5.8 million passengers in one single year.

This airline too has an Operating License of Type A permitting it to carry not just passengers but cargo and mail too provided the charter plane has no less than 20 seats. If it meets this specific criterion it possesses a green signal from the Civil Aviation Authority of United Kingdom to carry both passengers and goods. Monarch Holdings has a subsidiary right over Monarch airlines. The main owner is Globus Travel Group who is presumed to have 100% stake of Monarch. This airline was formed on the 5th day of June in the year 1967 and it was almost after a year that it began its very first operation. Hence 5th April 1968 is considered to be a very important day in the history of this famous airline.

The first commercial flight of this airline commenced from Luton and its destination was Madrid. A new revolution in Monarch Airline took place when it crept into the age of Jet planes. Boeing 720 was added to its fleet and they were a remarkable figure of three. These three Boeings made a vast impact on its popularity and the first Jet service is deemed to have been aired on 13th day of December in the year1971. Just after a year it carried an astounding figure of 500,000 passengers thus making the year 1972 a very memorable one. These jet planes that were added to its fleet were secondhand and were purchased from North West Airlines. Every jet plane was worth US Dollar I million each.

A new aircraft could only be added to the fleet of Monarch in the year 1979 when Alan Snudden took over as the Managing Director of this airline. Under his stewardship this airline witnessed leaps and bound progress and its fleet comprised of all new jet planes. The year 1981 is deemed to be the most important year since Monarch became the first airline to order one of the most important aircraft, Boeing 757-200. The high growth in its business was evident from the fact that in that same year prior to purchase of that Boeing, Monarch has succeeded in ferrying 1 million passengers. It gradually commenced its scheduled services too and the first such scheduled service took off from Luton and reached Minorca on 5th July in the year 1986. The same year it also purchased the highly esteemed Boeing 737-300. In the year 1988 Monarch made another remarkable progress by carrying passengers no less than 2 million in that one year. The first Airbus was introduced in this airline in the year 1990 and was A300-600R and opened its base at Gatwick Airport in the year 2003.