Tips for Family Holidays in Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland resorts Paris is an ideal destination for your family vacation. The park is located about 32 kilometers or 20 miles outside of Paris and is about one-fifth the size of Paris itself. There are theme parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park), Disney village, 7 hotels and Golf Disneyland.

You can get easily do Disneyland Paris by train. The TGV (high speed train service) directly connected with Disneyland from over 25 cities in Paris. If you are visiting from London (UK) to Paris Disneyland, there is direct train service of Eurostar Disneyland Resort Paris. Eurostar also provides Disneyland Park’s tickets as well as Disneyland hotel booking online with the train tickets. So, it is very convenient to travelers to get all things from just one platform.

Disneyland Paris

There are seven hotels inside Disneyland Paris, like the hotels at Disney resorts in the US. These hotels have all facilities like swimming pools, exercise rooms, tennis courts and pony rides, and interactions with Disney Characters. All things are available for your comfortable family holidays.

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